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The Class of 2016 Just Wants to go Outside

by Carly Cunningham, Staff

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Graduation for the Class of 2016 is right around the corner.


June 12th, 2016, at 5PM sharp is when the Class of 2016 will gather together as a class and walk across that stage to receive a piece of paper that we’ve worked for 12 years, our diploma.


Ever since 6th grade I can remember dreaming about graduation and the honor and exhilaration that would fill my body walking across that stage on the football field.


And now I am about to reach that goal and for me, graduation is all I can think about. The thought of ending one chapter of my life and entering the real world, adulthood.


I’m sure that it is the same for everyone in the class. Unfortunately, the dreams of walking onto that stage on our new football field have been dashed.


Recently, CHS principal Bill Milnes announces that this year, graduation will be indoors regardless of the weather.


Many seniors are very angered at the sound of an indoor graduation because it limits the number of people who can come to the ceremony. In fact, each senior gets only10 tickets to share with their family.


This is sad because some seniors have relatives coming from far away places, and so on, that won’t be able to attend the ceremony.


It’s not just the graduating seniors that are angered, it’s the parents as well.


Mr. Milnes, the principal of Coldwater High, has recently tried to solve the problem and he reports that the school board is working to push the construction back so that the soon-to-be graduates can end their childhood on the field that they’ve grown to love, Cardinal Field.


But as graduation is approaching, the chances of having an outside graduation is slim to none says the principal himself, “At this point, based on how the construction fencing needs to be in place for safety reasons, we will not be able to be outside.”


Milnes added that they are working on solutions to the space problem, however.


“We are planning to have the event inside and we are planning to set up the cafeteria in a way that people can come in the cafeteria and still watch the ceremony”.


Still, to most people, it seems there is no reason the construction can’t be held off until after graduation, or maybe the field could be used in a different fashion.


Since the field is newly redone, the seniors were eager to end their last days as a Cardinal walking across that stage and celebrating with their beloved family and friends.


I’m here on behalf of my fellow classmates, my family, and the rest of the individuals who would like to breath in the fresh air during graduation, not be stuck inside the gym.  I represent the seniors who would like to feel the sun radiating off of their caps, the taste of summer in the air, and the sound of success ringing throughout the football stadium.


As a class, we want to remember our last time as a whole outside, with all of our family sitting proudly in the stands.


Is that too much to ask for?


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Journalism: Coldwater High School
The Class of 2016 Just Wants to go Outside