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How to: Buy for a Whovian

by Rebecca Quimby, Mirror Staff

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Buying gifts can be a headache during this holiday season. But, buying for one specific group of people can be even harder: Whovians. Well, hard if you really don’t even know what a Whovian is, let alone the show Doctor Who. But, here is the ultimate list of what I, as a Whovian would want this holiday year.


tardis necklace

1st- The first would be one that mostly targets women, as it is a necklace. I personally have this necklace, and find it to be really good quality, and well, unisex. This is perfect for a friend if you don’t have much to spend on them, but you want to get them a great gift.

Price: $2.21



sonic screwdriver

2nd- Sonic screwdrivers are iconic within this fandom, and this one from the tenth doctor is no exception. This sonic screwdriver, although a toy, is entertaining for younger and older viewers alike.

Price: $17.07



adipose stress ball

3rd- An Adipose is an adorable creature within the series that helps you lose a few pounds, and not in cash. This adorable product is a stress reliever, so give it a squeeze!

Price: $20.01



exploding tardis blanket

4th- Tis the season for chilly weather! Cover up with a blanket with the beautiful “Van Gogh” Tardis painting. Not only is it extremely soft, it looks amazing, and keeps you warm.

Price: $21.90



river song journal

5th- River Song, a.k.a. the Doctor’s wife is a character from the new series who stole the Doctor’s heart. This journal is designed just like her’s where she logs every time she sees him. I love this journal because it has an accurate design.

Price: $24.99



dalek alarm clock

6th- Everyone’s favorite villain….IN AN ALARM CLOCK. As it says so delightfully on the page “This clock will remind you when it’s time to wake up and exterminate.”

Price: $28.07



tom baker scarf

7th- This scarf is a throwback to the elder series with Tom Baker. This scarf comes in 6 ft long and 12 ft, a length perfect for cosplaying this Doctor, or even bundling up on a cold winter’s day.

Price: The price does depend on the size, but the lowest is $29.95



tardis cup

8th- I personally can’t get through some days without a cup of coffee, and what better way than with the Tardis? This cup holds 16 ounces, and is perfect to transport a drink.

Price: $30.79



tardis bag

9th- These bags are amazing, and the Tardis print garnishing it makes it cute and quirky. This backpack is perfect for students to bring their books to school in, and even as a substitute for a purse.

Price: $34.99



tardis tardis

10th- The last and final is, yes, geared towards children… but I disagree. This tent is what my childhood needed, and something I hope to have by the time I have children, or nieces and nephews. Or something that I hope to have before I live on my own…

Price: $275.99


Hopefully this helped you with your gift buying this season, Happy Holidays! Allons-y!

(And, as a gift for yourself (if you’re also a Whovian) check out this awesome game! )

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How to: Buy for a Whovian