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Yes, I’m a Homework Hater

by Skylar Coblentz, Mirror Staff

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Homework is a word we all dread.

Students dread homework because we already do a lot of work in the 7½ hours we are in school.

We don’t want to come home after school and do more work.

Who does?

If you are in sports, it’s really hard to get all of work done at a decent time.

This means we don’t get the sleep as much as everyone says we need to.  It creates a terrible cycle.

Of course, teachers always have a philosophy that goes something like this, “The more homework you do,  the more you understand.”

Come on, really?

This is obviously a false statement because in reality most of the time we don’t even  understand the homework we are doing.

Teachers need to see that if they gave us less homework, we would have more time to study. This would improve test scores and our grades.

On top of that we would overall enjoy the class a lot more, which is good for everyone.

Everyone knows homework isn’t going away, but there are ways to prevent having lots of homework.

Yes! there are ways.

You could do your homework ahead of time, so if you know you have a reading assignment due, read and get the work done ahead of time and it will leave you worry free.

Teachers could also help in this aspect.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is teachers could give us less homework than what they currently give us, especially during homecoming week or a week when we have school events to attend.

Also this could pertain to everyday life; the less homework we have the more involved in school events we could be.

Then you have the teachers that assign homework over break.

Teachers that do this are the absolute worst!

Why assign homework over break? I’m not going to do the homework anyway, so why assign it?

I think we all have at least one teacher a year that does this.

Maybe you can’t do anything about a teacher assigning homework on a break, but you can at least try to remember to get it done!

Homework is never going away.

I mean it could, but for the future I think homework will be a long term thing.

I know, I know we all hate homework!

Teachers think it’s extra practice, I think it’s extra pain.

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Yes, I’m a Homework Hater