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Give Me All Your Burgers!

by Kennedy Kiersey, Mirror Staff

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Believe it or not, this past weekend, a McDonalds in Battle Creek was robbed.

The intruder was described as a 5 foot 7 inches 210 pound man in his 30’s.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, the man approached the counter and demanded the cashier give him money.

Now first of all, if you’re going to rob a place that sells food, why would you take money?
There are obviously other places that are better for stealing money, like maybe a bank.

But nope, this guy chose a McDonald’s.

What was he thinking?

“I’m in my thirties and want to go steal money, maybe I’ll try McDonalds.”

It wouldn’t be so shocking if he was a short, fat man demanding food, but he wasn’t

If I had a chance to meet this man in person, I would love to ask him what was going through his head when he decided to rob McDonalds of all places.

“Yeah McDonalds has a lot of money, I’m just going to steal from them.”

My experience of working a register at a fast food place would have never had me thinking Americans
nowadays are crazy.

We have a set amount that we start out with, and throughout the night most people pay with credit cards
so my till hardly ever goes over $500.

Robbing a bank would have gotten him much more money, just saying.

Working at a fast food restaurant, this kind of worries me.

What if someone comes to Wendy’s and demands I give them money?

I’m 17 years old, I would not be able to defend myself against a thirty year old trying to steal from me.

After carefully analyzing the situation, I’ve learned that it’s just impossible to trust people.
If this guy was so desperate to get money that he resorted to robbing McDonalds, who’s to say another guy won’t rob me while I’m at Walmart?

Raising kids to not fear everyone sounds like a good idea, and it would be a great utopian society for people.

Unfortunately, we have people robbing McDonalds in their free time and so this is impossible.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Give Me All Your Burgers!