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Weekly K: Hi, my name is Kennedy and I am a procrastinator

by Kennedy Kiersey, Mirror Staff

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Like many other students, when I get home from school everyday I go to the fridge right away and disregard my homework, despite all the things my parents ever tried to teach me about doing homework first.

Before I do my homework, I think about doing it, but then I find something that I think is more important to do, like, tweet my one friend and that creepy teacher who is always sending me homework reminders via tweet.

Just kidding, he’s not creepy all of the time.

Other times, I have to work or do something my parents might want me to do.

And tell me,  who is going to come home from 5 hours of work plus 7 hours of school and then  do 2 hours of homework?

No one. No one normal that is.

Other times, I just come home physically drained and just want to sleep.

When I actually do come home with energy, I feel like it’s a waste to use all that energy doing homework.

Also, when I have energy, I always feel motivated to try something new.

I could maybe knit a scarf, fold an origami fox or something.  You’d be amazed at how many things you can learn to do on Youtube.

This week is especially difficult for me to want to do my homework on time because my best friend since freshman year is up from Tennessee.

I would much rather spend time with her, since I don’t know when I’ll see her again,  than do homework.

Monday night I stayed in Orland, Indiana (Where she was staying) with her and didn’t do any homework.

Which left me doing it all Tuesday night, late at night after my college class.

Even then I didn’t start my homework right away. It was more important for me to eat, shower, and tweet about how much homework I had.

I didn’t even get it done that night, so I had to wake up early the next morning to finish it.

My parents have told me many times before to get ahead when I can so that I don’t become stressed, but I never listened.

Instead, here I am now, one of the biggest procrastinators ever, wishing I got my work done on time, so I could actually get some sleep.

So if you’re ever in the same situation as me, finding every excuse there is to not do your homework, look me up on twitter, @kennedysue_97, and we can talk about how stressed we are about not doing our homework together.

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Weekly K: Hi, my name is Kennedy and I am a procrastinator