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Katie Warner
Caitlyn Warner, or as everyone calls her, Katie, is a 16 year old Junior at Coldwater High School. She loves cats and would do anything to get another one. Katie is also very interested in oldies rock music and 90's metal bands. She listens to all kinds of different music but punk rock is her absolute favorite and she loves going to music festivals with her bestfriends. She has attended Rockapolooza for three years in a row and she has gone to Warped Tour for two years with her best friend, Kaylin. Her favorite old rock bands range from Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, and Guns 'n Roses to Blink-182, Green day, and Fall Out Boy. She wishes to meet the remaining members of Led Zeppelin before they die and to attend a Green Day concert and meet everyone in the band. Katie's other great passion is all of her cats. She hopes one day to have at least thirty cats by the time she is 70 years old.

Katie Warner, Staff

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