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2017-2018 Staff

Michayla Lock

Cardinal Staff

Michayla Lock is a Senior at Coldwater High School. She is talkative, outgoing and is often referred to as a social butterfly. She is bubbly and has never had a issue getting involved and making new friends. She is extremely f...

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Olivia Geishert

Cardinal staff

Olivia is a very spunky and outgoing fifteen year old. She uses the word “bruh” as a noun, adjective, verb, and interjection. She enjoys talking in different accents just to make people laugh, especially while playing board ...

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Mae Blansit

Cardinal Staff

Mae Blansit is 16 years old and is a sophomore at CHS. Mae swims and plays tennis for Coldwater. She loves spending time with her family and friends and loves drawing during her free time because it relieves stress and is fun a...

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Sophia Grady

Cardinal staff

Sophia Grady is a 16 year old junior from Coldwater High School. Her favorite color is burgundy and navy blue. She is creative and she loves to draw. She is currently taking art 4. She also won second place in the hospitals art...

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Miranda Lutjens

Cardinal staff

Miranda is a 16 year old junior at CHS. She is creative, has a different sense of style when it comes to her hair, and cares very deeply for her friends and family. She plans on graduating at CHS then moving down to Ohio to att...

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Avery Volkmer

Cardinal Staff

Avery Volkmer is a 16 year old student at Coldwater High School. She was born on Valentine’s day. Avery plays on the Coldwater golf team and spends most of her afternoons and evenings. Her favorite color is purple. Avery’s favo...

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Ashlyn Walp

Cardinal staff

Ashlyn Walp is an artist, and a sophomore at CHS. She likes to draw and paint portraits of people that influence her life. Ashlyn is a creative person and she likes to express herself through art and writing. Ashlyn likes creat...

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Corinne Cole

Cardinal staff

Corinne Cole I'm a senior at coldwater high school. I like to do photography in my free time. My pets are 4 cats and 2 dogs. My dream job is working for National Geographic because I want to see the world.

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Jada Haynes

Cardinal staff

Jada Haynes is a 17 year old senior at CHS. She will turn 18 on November 6th of this year. She enjoys working with animals and making others feel better. After she graduates she plans on going to college to become a Registered ...

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Emmalee Harrington

Cardinal staff

Emmalee Harrington was born in Raleigh, North Carolina on  October 30 of 2001. She is currently 15 years old and is a sophomore at Coldwater High School.  Her favorite subject is history. Emmalee's favorite hobbies include playin...

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Bree Barrows

Cardinal staff

Bree Barrows is a 16 year old Junior at Coldwater High School. Bree is an only child, and doesn’t mind not having any siblings. She loves interacting with children, laying on the beach, shopping, and spending time with her fami...

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Eric Arreola

Cardinal staff

Eric Arreola is sophomore at Coldwater High School. He loves playing soccer, collecting shoes, and giving fresh fades. Eric is currently in the Coldwater High School JV team as a captain and plays midfielder. His favorite holida...

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Cris Fontecha

Cardinal staff

Cristina Fontecha is a senior at coldwater high school, but she is not from Coldwater, she is from Spain and she came to United States to study for one year and improve her english. She is 15 years old. She loves playing baske...

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Justis Collyer

Cardinal staff

Justis Collyer is 15 years old and is a sophomore at Coldwater High School. Justis enjoys spending time with her friends and family when she has the time. Justis’ favorite subject in school is math. She works a part time job...

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Kiersten Travis

Cardinal Staff

Kiersten Travis is a Sophomore at Coldwater High School, and she is 16 years old. When she graduates she is planning to go to Michigan State University to become a Registered Nurse. Kiersten really likes to draw, her favorite cla...

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Erica Rodgers

Cardinal staff

Erica Rodgers is a 16 year old junior from Coldwater High School. She is a very outgoing and hardworking student. Erica has been a part of CHS gymnastics and CHS swim in her 3 years at the school. Erica lives with her parents an...

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Desiree Waltz

Cardinal Staff

Desiree Waltz is a senior at Coldwater High School this year. She is 17 years old. She is the only daughter with three brothers. She participates in cheerleading and has for seven years. She enjoys being around friends and family...

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Emily Foulk

Cardinal Staff

Emily Foulk is a senior at Coldwater High School. She plays varsity tennis in the spring, is in the Interact and Youth Engaged in Prevention clubs. Emily is shy and quiet, but can be very fun to talk to. Emily likes to watch f...

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Kiersten Knapp

Cardinal Staff

Kiersten Knapp is a sophomore student at CHS, Coldwater High School. She started coming here in the 8th grade from Bronson and plans on graduating here at Coldwater. She will graduate in the year of 2018. She's athletic and keeps...

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Madison Fougerousse

mirror staff

Madison Fougerousse is a sophomore at Coldwater High School. She is 15 years old. Many of her friends also call her Fougi. Madison would be described as spunky and outgoing. She has a love for french fries and music and her favorit...

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Stella Beerman

Mirror Staff

Stella is 16 years old and a junior at Coldwater High School. She enjoys reading, traveling, drinking tea and being a pretty average person.  She has been to Europe, Costa Rica and Canada. Stella hopes to travel more in the fut...

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Nicole Adams

Mirror Staff

Nicole Adams is in 12th grade at Coldwater High School. She likes sleeping, watching Netflix and eating junk food. 

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