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Negative Impact of Social Media

Social media is a constant part of the typical teenager’s life at CHS.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat or whatever other social media is out there, teens use it every day.

Even though it is part of our days, like eating and sleeping, many do not think about whether it is a good influence or bad influence in their lives.The CHS Mirror recently survey 100 students in the student body about their use of social media.

Social media can be a really great thing to have.   Many people really enjoy social media because it is a way to keep in touch and interact with people at home, as well as in another state or even country.

As part of the survey, some respondents mentioned connecting with different people and becoming friends with them through common interests.

I personally met one of my best friends through twitter and then ended up moving really close to her, and now i see her all the time!

Social media can be an amazing thing if people did not misuse it.

And almost everyone misuse it in some way.

The biggest surprise was that nearly everyone admitted to regret something they have posted on social media.

We asked questions about being bullied and 64% percent of the people surveyed claimed to have been bullied through social media.

It is sad that something as great as social media is being used in a way to hurt people and that needs to change.

We want to bring attention to the negativity of social media in hopes that people will realize that the things that they do and say on there will take effect on people.

Social media is also full of drama and the majority of people dislike how much drama there is.

Whether you are bullying someone or not, what you are saying on social media doesn’t go away just by deleting the post, either.

Nearly everything you do on social media cannot be permanently be deleted.

By the time you delete, people may have seen it, liked it, and shared it. People may even have saved it or screenshot your post. It doesn’t go away.

The negative things you do online will have after effects and consequences in the real world

Just bringing attention to the subject will not bring a lot of change.  People think they are safe behind their screens and they will not change until they realize that they aren’t, and they can’t just say whatever you want without repercussions.

People think that there will be no consequences and they say whatever they want and that may even get other people into trouble as well.

A big part of the reason a lot of people dislike social media is because of that very reason.

Social media doesn’t have to be a bad thing, if people can just be responsible and still have respect on the internet then everything would be fine and social media could be a safe outlet for anyone to use without fear of seeing something bad or getting hurt.

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