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Cheating in school is an issue that has been around for a long time, and it isn’t a new thing here at CHS.

There are many ways for people to cheat: Looking at notes, asking a friend, looking off of someone’s paper, and using a phone.

Students do not only use the phone to cheat,  but technology in general is what is making cheating easier while decreasing the amount of learning of our students.

The current issue is that cheating is starting to occur more often while it is also becoming easier at the same time.  

A recent survey by the CHS Mirror of  77 students at Coldwater HIgh School showed that about 50 percent admitted to cheating, while other studies across the United States  have shown that 85 percent of students have cheated in some way.  

Of course, not everyone will be truthful and will lie on a survey in fear of being reported to the school staff. Many of the people who had responded to the comment have even been caught cheating in the past, but claimed that they have never cheated on the survey.

If the survey participants were truthful the the amount of students who cheat At CHS, the true percent would be around 90%.

Many of the students we interviewed, who generally cheat, said in the video interview that they think nobody should cheat and that it is bad for you. There was only one or two of our interviews where the student actually said that they like cheating.

Teachers admit that they know it is going on, too.

As a matter of fact, I have seen some teachers who notice students using their phones but don’t bother to do anything about it.  

On the other hand, some choose to pay more attention to it more than  others.  Certain teachers make students put their phones up at the beginning of class, put everything under their desks, and watch over them like a hawk.

Our results show that 51% of the recorded responses who admitted to cheating use some form of technology whether it being a computer or phone.  

Others don’t really care whether students have their phones and notebooks out during the period or not. Teachers who don’t go the extra level to ensure that there will be no cheating are the cause for the high success of cheating among students.

However, even if teachers did take away students phones it would be sort of useless since the majority of cheating is on homework. 

60% of our responses claim they cheat on homework.  Since the teacher has no authority over our technological uses at home, the excessive amount of cheating will remain the same.

Throughout this project, we realized many people at CHS either cheat, or have cheated before.  They would say that it isn’t good to cheat in front of a camera, but behind the scenes, some would say they participate often.  Same goes for the online survey.  

Students claim this occurs because of the pressure to get good grades, rather than actually learn in school.

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