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Multimedia Story: Cheating No Secret at CHS

It is not secret that cheating is rampant at Coldwater High School.

A cheating scandal involving senior last year confirmed it, but a new survey backs up that the problem is still very real.  

The CHS Mirror surveyed 53 CHS students during early May and results showed that over half of the student body felt that cheating was an acceptable thing to do.  

Many said that cheating was a part of their game, and that they were doing it only because it was fun to do.

They described it as a game of cops and robbers, if you get caught by the teacher, then you go to jail.

This way of thinking is what makes cheating widespread in high schools.

In an anonymous interview, one student had said that even though it is wrong to cheat, students still do it because,, “To teenagers, high school is not about learning anymore, it is about getting the grade to pass the required classes and get a diploma.”

The attitude of students is that they do not care about the material they learn, all they care about is passing with a good grade to get a diploma, and some do not even care about the grade, all they care about is passing the class, no matter what they get in that class.

When asked If there should be consequences, over half of the kids replied with a no.

The others that answered yes, but they recommended consequences that weren’t very severe, such as the offending student receiving a zero for the assignment, having their parents contacted,  spending lunch detention, and possibly ISS(in school suspension).  Some also suggested having redoing the assignment at reduced credit.

Cheating and reporting a cheater are two different things while they are similar at the same time.

Reporting a cheater means to “snitch” on your classmate and tell the responsible person at the time. Cheating is doing the act and using answers that are not your own.

In the survey, well over half the students surveyed, reported that if they saw a cheater, they would not report them.

Surprisingly, just under half of the students surveyed have reported a cheater before.

The survey results confirm the problem of cheating at CHS, but they do not answer the question of how to solve the problem.  What can CHS do to make education important enough to students that they will not cheat?

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