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Backpacks should not be in classrooms

by Nicole Adams, Mirror Staff

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Backpacks have to go

Carrying your books is not that hard.  So why do so many people have a problem with not being allowed to carry them in a book bag to each class?

If kids bring their backpacks to class they could also bring things that could kill or hurt someone.

Backpacks also take up space in the classrooms because students always seem to put them in a pathway. The result is that it is harder for others to get around them.

If there is a fire or some other emergency,  someone could trip over these book bags and get hurt.

People should get organized and bring the books, pens and pencils they need in class, and only  go to their lockers if they need anything else.

People say they don’t have enough time to go to their lockers in between classes, but I think to prevent bring backpacks to class they should make the time longer in between classes, so everyone can go to their lockers.

There might be a benefit to not carrying book bags, too, because backpacks can hurt people’s backs. Half of all the children suffer back pain by the age of 14. Children are getting back pain so young that they might have it for the rest of their life. So carrying every book, folder, and whatever else they have in that bag could hurt their backs.

Besides, lockers are better because it has a lock. But with  backpacks someone could just open it up and take stuff out or put something in there that is not allowed to be at school.

Students could also hide drugs in their backpacks, instead of their lockers, which would make it easier for them to share or sell drugs in the classroom.  .

In my school, every once in awhile the cops will come with dogs to see if anyone has drugs or weapons in their lockers. And I know that some people keep their drugs in their bag, so if they bring their bag to class, then the dogs won’t smell it as well as they would if it was in their locker.

The best reason to ban book bags is the ease they allow students to carry weapons into classes.  It easier to take the gun or weapon out and shoot someone or hurt someone then it is to take it out of their locker.
Backpacks to class is a bad idea, and everyone should  have to use their lockers.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Backpacks should not be in classrooms