Flag Rooted In Hate

by Emily Root, Mirror staff

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When i see the confederate flag being worn on clothing, I get so angry because racism is not a fashion statement.

You are not the cute country boy or girl you want to portray, rather you are moronic and ignorant, and you aren’t putting a good image of yourself out into the world.

Wearing a Confederate flag is just screaming that you are, in fact, a racist. That isn’t fair though because many people who wear it are unaware of what it actually means.

Do you really want to wear something that insinuates you are racist when you live in such a diverse part of Michigan, or anywhere else for that matter?

Yes, the Confederate flag is a part of history, but so are so many other horrible things. For example, you don’t see anybody walking around promoting the Holocaust on their shirt or flying a swastika in front of their house, do you?

On debate.org there is a debate asking if the Confederate flag should be banned. 57% of the people said no it should not be banned.

Everyday that you are walking around wearing a Confederate flag, you are promoting slavery and racism and you continue oppressing black people. You are fighting against everything that minorities have been fighting for.

You walk around town and you see people with the Confederate flag flying right next to the American flag. You walk around school and you see people wearing apparel decorated in the Confederate flag.

For so many minorities, this flag is a symbol of racism and oppression.

The Confederate flag was used as a battle flag during the Civil War.

The flag is a very controversial topic because it is linked to things like racism, slavery, segregation, and white supremacy.

I personally think that we should get rid of the flag and it should be added to the long list of things that are not allowed to be worn at school. Also, I don’t think that people should be allowed to hang the flag in front of their homes.

The Confederate flag is flown by the Ku Klux Klan and many other white supremacist groups. What are you saying when you are flying it in front of your home?  What does that say about you? You are flying the same flag that has been associated with hate. Where is the pride in that?

I don’t understand how someone can wear something so rooted in hate and be seemingly unaware of what it even means, or how it may be affecting people.

We need to get rid of the Confederate flag. I believe that getting rid of it will help us move one step closer to ending racism completely.

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