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Weekly K: What’s Wrong With Guys, Anyway?

by Kennedy Kiersey, Mirror Staff

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Recently, I saw a vine video that made me think more than your typical six second video.

Half of it was two girls cuddling under a blanket watching a movie. Aww, how cute!

The second half was the same thing, but with guys but another guy walked in and got disgusted.

Sadly, I felt the same way.

This video made me think, why is it ok when girls do something but completely awkward when guys do the same thing? `

When a girl compliments another girl, people are usually going to agree with her.

For guys, it’s different.

If you’re a guy and you compliment another guy, people are going to question you.

For example, you wouldn’t just walk up to another guy and said, “Your eyes are really pretty!”

The most a guy might be able to say is, “Hey, nice shirt,” but even that is sketchy.

Not only will that offend the guy and make him think you’re hitting on him, other people will start thinking the same thing just because it’s weird.

You also NEVER see ANY guy cuddling with his friends while watching a movie.

Why is this?  Why can girls act one way together, but guys can’t?

Does a guy being close with his friends take away his manliness?

Probably not, but if you asked a guy he would tell you differently.

The weird thing is that if you put a bunch of guys on an athletic field or at a sporting event they are slapping butts, hugging it out, and all sorts of things that they wouldn’t dare do in day to day life.

It also bothers me how people mock a guy when he cries.

So he’s showing a little emotion who the heck cares?

Guys who are sensitive make better boyfriends anyway because they don’t try and be more dominant and can comfort a girl better.

Sounds horrible, right?

So again I ask, why do guys get judged so harshly when they do something that girls generally do.

And why am I bothered by it, too?

Girls hunt, swim, and wear baggy clothes just like guys.

No one has a problem with that!

But the moment a guy  joins the dance or cheerleading team it’s “Ooooohhh. He must be odd!”

This is really a strange reaction considering that while the football players are all tackling other guys, grabbing and touching up on them, these male cheerleaders are hanging with a bunch of girls and holding them.

Think about it, who’s really the real winner there?

Stereotypes and generalized sex roles are honestly stupid.

Who cares if a guy wants to do something not so manly, like having feelings or doing something society deems as female .

My initial reaction to the Vine video made me think about how I react to situations like these, and I wasn’t happy about how I reacted.

The world would be a better place if two guys could cuddle while watching Sunday Night Football or compliment each other  on how great their eyes look or about their new shirt.

All I can say is grow up people, and I’ll try too.

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Weekly K: What’s Wrong With Guys, Anyway?