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Biddlecome Adresses Tattoo Rumors (or does she?)

by Shane O'Grady

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If you have had English at CHS then you probably have had Ms. Biddlecome for at least one class. Personally I have never had her in a class but I got the opportunity to learn about her.

Unlike some of the teachers  who work in Coldwater but live in a town such as Marshall or Jackson Ms. Biddlecome is a true Cardinal and lives in the city of Coldwater.

Before teaching in Coldwater, Biddlecome had gone to multiple colleges to get her education. She attended the University Of Michigan, Western Michigan University, as well as KCC.

Ms. Biddlecome has been teaching at CHS for a while and has built up a good reputation among students and the staff. With that rumors tend to form. I asked some of the students around the school what they would like to know about Ms.Biddlecome. The majority had the same response of “ Find out if she has a tattoo.”

Biddlecome responded to the rumor about the tattoo saying “ I can’t believe that silly rumor still exists, I guess it will continue to exist even longer.” So if you are looking for the answer to the unsolved rumor it will remain a mystery.

Hearing about this rumor opened up new doors of questions I could ask her. The question are mainly about taking risks.

I asked Biddlecome if she had done something in college that she typically wouldn’t do. Her response “ For one of the spring breaks in college I had gone camping while it was still snowing, so I had to sleep in the car.”

Seeing that Biddlecome had taken some risks on things she wouldn’t do I had asked her if she would recommend taking risks or step out of the box in college. “ Well there are two kinds of risks. There are good risks such as reaching and become friends with someone you don’t know. There are also foolish risks such as partying. I recommend taking good risks but avoid foolish ones.”

Noticing that Biddlecome had a upbeat personality that I wasn’t expecting made me ask her if she believes the fun things she did in her childhood shaped her to who she is now. “ Well of course, everything you do in your childhood shapes you to who you become. That is why everyone is different and unique in their own ways.”

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Biddlecome Adresses Tattoo Rumors (or does she?)