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A Man with a Love of Learning: Bill Milnes

by Trently Dubois, Mirror Staff

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High School is a strange place, filled with geniuses and delinquents, pupils and trainees in a public mish-mosh of confusion as they began to take a step into standardized adulthood.


However, one man has worked hard to create  an inspiring journey on bringing a school and its community together.


Bill Milnes, 47, the principal of Coldwater High School, has began a long journey in which he hopes that he can bring forth a more unified community through his teachings of optimism and drive.


We sat down with him for a brief interview,  he gave us his brief history of growing up in Coldwater, getting his degree at Michigan State University, going on his 24th year of education.


He described himself as “positive, optimistic, energetic, and strong character.”


Milnes was brought to teaching because, “He wanted to be a teacher, in business, or an engineer.”


He had a passion for math, and believed that both his personality and his sister’s similar efforts to become a teacher,  brought him to teach math.


His sister was also going to be a teacher and he figured that he too had a similar passion for teaching the students of the future with the knowledge and ideals he had so snuggly tucked within himself.


Situational Leadership is something that he greatly aspires to. His analytical usage allows him to be able to choose how to restrain himself.


He talks about his natural desire to be able to perform in a fashion that allows him the ability to not only take reign when needed but also be able to let go of the reins


Milnes is still human though, and is worried about the time that is required to report, assess, and the time needed for the bonds between the teachers, staff, and students.


He feels that the time given is not enough with how he has to deal with the troubles found within the school.


At night, he grapples with the troubles of not being able to save those who fall under the cracks, those who he knows if he had a bit more time he could truly make the difference they deserve.


One fact that really shows his character and his belief is in his staff which he calls, “Heroes” who are the true reason why the school comes together and become a real community of the people.


Mr. Milnes exemplifies the important nature of what it means for everyone to be the best they can be and what it means to be a great man who wants a more tightly-knit community.


Mr. Bill Milnes teaches us what it means to be a paragon of sincerity.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
A Man with a Love of Learning: Bill Milnes