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Redneck Sports

by Baylie Turner, Mirror Staff

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There are many types of sports in the world that involve using all elements of the Earth to create the activity.

There are multiple levels including: high school, college, professional, and community sports.

But what about the ones we don’t have teams for?

The crazy ones that we make up in our spare time in our back yard or property, the new olympics for crazy ideas.

Some people may call them ‘redneck sports.’

These “sports” are crazy and surely dangerous, but they’re definitely a good time.

For example, have you ever heard of Wheelbarrow Racing?

No, not the one you played in gym, where someone runs and holds another person’s legs while they walk on there hands as fast as they can.

This is when someone sits in a wheelbarrow while they are pushed as fast as they can to the finish line. This link will show you exactly what this is. (rZpPgXq3S10)

What about extreme water skiing?

Don’t have a boat, but have a crane? No problem. Flood the yard, get some skis, and you’re set to go.

Think this is a joke? Watch for yourself. (cWsQWtmL6Ds)

They only get crazier. I know you have heard of being dragged behind a four-wheeler on a sled, but what about a car in your yard? (Xp0-XUlFiXA )

Now bungee launching is more for the financed rednecks.

Imagine being in a giant slingshot that’s being pulled by a four-wheeler, or truck, and flung back and forth on a bungee. (KaFi0y9RCVk )

Now for mudding!

One of the most popular Redneck Sports to be known and done.

Trucks all shapes and sizes find a big mud pit and repaint it.

Turning up mud, doing doughnuts, getting stuck and getting dirty is what it’s all about.

It isn’t just for trucks. Anything with four-wheel drive can be apart of this messy sport.

Some more extreme than others. (4qFRyKCqf1M )

It is really fun and a great way to spend time testing the suspension on your equipment.

Only real expense here is gas, and maybe fixing anything that gets messed up on your truck or whatever you may be using.

These are all creative, idiotic and certainly fun.

The main requirements for these crazy sports are so simple.

You just need some beer, friends, gutsy attitude, and some spare time.

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Redneck Sports