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Valentines Dance On Tap

by by Elissa Hudson '13

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Thanks to the freshmen class,  we now have a Valentine’s dance .  The dance will be held on Saturday February 12, 2011 at eight o’ clock.

“It’s just like a snowball dance”, said Mrs. Wendorf, who has helped come up with this dance.

You may bring someone from a different schoo, but paper work has to be filled out.  The form can be found in the attendnce office for you to fill out.

Just like Snowball you must have it signed by one of the princples and must bring an ID to get in.

The admission for the dance is five dollars.

This dance is a semi-formal dance,  which means you have to wear a dress, and boys you must look nice yourself.

What should you wear? Well, it is a Valentines dance,which means there’s lots of red, pink, and white. Guys can wear dress pants and a nice shirt.  A tie might even be nice!

To save you, and or maybe your parents, some money, stop on by to the Dress Paradise out on Union City Road,  where you can rent a dress for only 20 dollars. There are over 100 dresses to choose from and they have every size.

They also have shoes which rent for an additional 5 dollars. Hurry and make an appointment with at 517-677-1203.

So once you have the perfect attire chosen, it’s time to pick out that favorite guy or girl to go to the dance with…or maybe just come with friends and seek out that perfect Valentine.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Valentines Dance On Tap