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Is Boxing Dying

by Shane O'Grady

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During the last half of the 20th century, boxing was considered one of the most popular sports.

It was known as an art that required hours upon years of training to master since it is more complex than just throwing punches randomly.

Today, however, many are believe boxing has become a dying sport.

But is it really a dying sport or is it something people claim simply because boxing today is a lot different than boxing in the past?

I believe that boxing is a dying sport for many reasons. One being this generation doesn’t have a unique boxer because of the large number of rules and scientific studies on brain damage which makes people more careful about the risks of boxing.

The legendary boxers of the 20th century were much more entertaining, too.  Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali both  threw big punches and would knock people out first round of the match.

Knock outs were much more common in that age due to lack of knowledge about the potential for brain damage from the sport.  Today, all contact sports have to be concerned and try to prevent this type of injury, and even if there aren’t rules–boxers certainly want to protect their own brains.

All this adds up to less savagery, which makes boxing less interesting.

In the past, boxers would also not obey the rules at times like the time when Mike Tyson got disqualified for biting Evander Holyfields ear.

Modern boxers, on the other hand,  seem more hesitant as to whether they want to dive into throwing a punch or if they should play it safe.

This  makes matches seem lackluster and they all feel the same.

Another contribution to the dying of boxing is the ridiculously high  number of world champion titles for weight classes that there are.

There used to be eight world champions for the eight weight classes, but now there are 17 weight classes and four organizations for a possible 68 world champions.

Most of the champions in their weight class haven’t even fought each other.

Whenever a big fight in boxing happens, many people aren’t able to see it because you have to pay $60 for a pay-per-view.

Do you ever recall anyone having to pay that money to watch the Super Bowl?

Probably the most well known reason for the death of boxing is the over hype before a match.

Take the Mayweather vs Pacquiao, for example.

This fight happened about a year ago, and if you remember, many claimed that it was going to be the fight of the century, but in reality most left the stadium unsatisfied with the performance.

It wasn’t even the fight of the week.

Many claimed that it was very boring since there wasn’t much friction between the two. Mayweather would just constantly hug Pacquiao and hardly any punches were ever thrown. That fight was not a good way to show this generation what boxing is really like.

Another example would be the Grudge Match held on May 21st, 2011 between stable mates George Groves and James DeGale. Both Groves and DeGale predicted that they would win the fight within four rounds.

The total opposite is what happened in the fight with neither being knocked out even when Groves said, “After I beat him, it will end James’s career.”

I do believe that there still is a hope for the sport, but they need to reduce the amount of possible world champions along with the overhyped matches.  People can forgive boxers trying to reduce their own brain damage, but it also wouldn’t hurt to have more free boxing to watch.

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Is Boxing Dying