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You’re a Murderer and You Don’t Even Know It

by Jada Haynes, Cardinal Staff

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The oceans are dying and it’s our fault.  Things that we do every day are slowly killing them.


Plastics have become a key ingredient in the lives of Americans and individuals around the world. Every day we spew out tons of plastic into the oceans without even thinking about it.


The plastic water bottle you threw away yesterday could end up in the stomach of a sea lion.


The plastic bags from the grocery stores end up around sea turtles heads.


Whales, sharks and sea turtles become trapped in fishnets left behind by fishermen once looking for a quick buck.


Mannequin heads, motorcycle helmets, flip flops, and even umbrellas end up on islands that are nowhere near civilizations.


Birds and mammals mistake plastic shards for their everyday fish diet and end up dying from ingesting  bottle caps, cigarette lighters, and sometimes straws.


In order to save the precious ecosystems of the ocean we have got to take action, and soon.


We have quickly become a society of, “Use it once and throw it away.”


We buy a water bottle at the gas station, drink it, throw it away and go buy a new one. Sometimes we don’t even drink all of it so we end up wasting or money and endangering sea life at the same time.


These things don’t need to continue simply out of convenience, though.


Each person can make conscious choices in their life to not contribute to the senseless killing of our ecosystem.


It’s really not that difficult.  


For instance, instead of throwing away the water bottle after its empty, refill it.


Companies make drinking fountain stations specifically designed for water bottles, and our school has at least one of these fountains.


Another easy change would be that instead of using throw away bottles, you can buy a personal cup or bottle to use daily.  This can be easily washed and used each day with little effort.


Instead of getting rid of grocery bags we can reuse them to carry more groceries from the store and so many other things. You can buy the reusable, fabric bags instead of using plastic bags every time you go to the store.


Reducing the amount of plastics that we throw away on a daily basis can help the ocean immensely.

You could even join a community service group to help clean up plastics and other materials from our rivers, lakes, and oceans.


Another change you can make will mean doing a little research on your favorite items to find out companies that support our environment and create products that are safe for wildlife.


Making decision with your pocketbook will provide companies with reasons to help our wildlife thrive.


You can also donate to companies whose purpose is to clean the oceans and whose vision is to create a cleaner, more beautiful, and healthier ocean for future generations.


You could be a murderer and not know it, or you can be the change you want to see in the world.


The choice is yours.

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You’re a Murderer and You Don’t Even Know It