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We Need Microwaves for Lunch

by Corinne Cole, Cardinal Staff

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Coldwater High School cafeterias do not offer microwaves for student use for their lunches.  

This is a huge inconvenience for students who want to have a choice to heat up their own food for an alternative to hot lunch.  

Having microwaves in the cafeteria would provide  the option to bring my own food that I can heat up in a microwave at school myself.  

My previous school had microwaves available for students to use, so I don’t see why this couldn’t be offered to Coldwater students.

Many students would rather have the choice to heat up their own food items versus what the school offers.  

The reasons for not allowing students to use microwaves seems to be that they don’t want students to ahve the ability to make their own hot lunch, forcing them to buy a lunch from the school vendor.  

The expense and maintenance of microwaves has not been an issue for many other schools  which do provide and allow the use of microwaves, even at middle school and elementary levels.  

I propose giving microwaves in the cafeteria a trial.  Perhaps a group such as Student Council or Interact could buy one or two microwaves for the cafeteria.

Directions and rules could be posted and students that don’t abide by the rules would be banned from the privilege of using them.

If the lunch vendors chose to provide the microwaves,  they could also sell items that could be cooked in the microwaves as another income source for their business.  

Parents and students should be able to have the ability to cook their own items brought from home, too.  

Many students don’t like processed foods and would rather be able to heat their own food brought from home, and this would be helpful for students with dietary issues and for families that want their leftovers to be an option for student lunches.

This would also provide a more economical way to provide for their families lunches that is more budget friendly.

If the food service group really wanted to add microwaves it would be possible logistically to set it up and make it work 

There would just need to be a sufficient number of commercial grade, high powered microwaves available with sufficient room for students to easily use them.

As with any change if there is support to make it work and the right decision makers are open to allowing for a change like this to be successful it will likely be a success.  

As the common phrase goes, where there is a will there’s a way!  

It would be great for CHS students to be able to enjoy additional choices that allow for hot lunch versus just what is offered by the school’s current lunch program.

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We Need Microwaves for Lunch