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Always be Kind.

by Stella Beerman, Mirror Staff

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Here at CHS, there is a lot of confusion and hurt right now.

Nobody really understands how to feel about what’s going on. Everything that felt important yesterday, feels a lot less important now.

The column about the modern feminist movement that I began this weekend feels so stupid now.   Suddenly it has hit me that maybe we spend too much time focused on all of the wrong things.

Are we so concerned about other things in our lives that we don’t even realize that the people are around us are hurting?

I look around the room at all my classmates, and realize how little I truly know about them. Sadly, I probably will never know most of these people anymore than I do right now.

For most of us there was nothing we could have done for Caleb. Most of us knew him as the kid who we sat next to in class, or the kid that we waited with for our parents to come get us after school.

Or if you’re me, you’ll always remember him as the kid you talked to at that party one time, the one who went tubing in his jeans.

I didn’t know him on a person level, in fact  I hardly knew him at all, and that is sad.

I don’t know if he would want us to take away any lessons from his death.  The only thing I do know is that this is awful. I know that so many people feel his absence. I know there is really nothing we can do.

Honestly, there is probably nothing we could have done. So what can we take from all of this?

Maybe it’s to be kinder to one another.

Sometimes we take people for granted and forget to be kind, but it is important to be kind because you never know when your last conversation with someone will be.

That being said; never leave any situation angry. Just apologize to your mom for the fight you had over leaving your socks on the floor.

Forgive your coworker for snapping at you. Just be forgiving in general because life’s too short to hold grudges.

Kindness is just trying to make people’s lives easier. Pick up their pencil for them when they drop it, help them with there homework, let them copy the notes that they missed, or better yet offer your notes so they don’t even need to ask. Give people rides when it’s cold and rainy. Anything you can do to make someone’s life easier, just do it.

I know that your teachers have been telling you this since preschool, but in all seriousness, let people outside your friend circle sit with you at lunch.

Invite someone new to be your lab partner in chemistry. Pick them for your team in volleyball in gym class.

Nobody deserves to feel alone in this world.

This all sounds so cheesy, but it is real. People you would never expect are hurting. Everything is more real that you think.

So how difficult is it to always try to be kind to others?

For everyone who did know Caleb, I cannot begin to imagine how you’re feeling.

What I hope is that the kindness of myself and others won’t leave you feeling alone and will help in your healing process.


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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Always be Kind.