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For whom the Bell Trolls

by Carly CUnningham, Mirror Staff

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For some time now, the irritable students at Coldwater High have had to deal with a very chaotic year with no bells.

Bells are a great thing to have because they help every high school student who is, unfortunately horrible at handling time, get to class on time.

Here at CHS, time isn’t on our side, especially for the seniors.

The seniors have bigger issues on their hands than to worry about getting to class on time, like graduating, which falls hand in hand to getting to class on time, but what can I say, seniors are stubborn.

The bells haven’t worked since the system malfunctioned in September and Mr. Milnes announced there would be no bells until a solution could be figured out.

That solution didn’t come until recently with the news that the school has installed a new bell system.

The new bell system leaves a lot to be desired and is not a favorite of anyone.  The new system would get half a star if you ask the students.

The biggest problem is with the ring tone.  If any of you have seen the Grease then you know that the students are getting a glimpse of the opening scene every time the bell rings.

It is unique once, but annoying every other time you hear it.

Even those who are big fans of Grease are annoyed with the bells choice of tone.

And every time the bell is triggered we are confused as to why we’re getting bells this late in the school year.

The teachers think that the new bell “ringtones” are amusing and the students believe that the only reason the teachers like it is because the students absolutely hate them.

It’s not just students who are irritable and confused, however.

As the last bell rang, a couple of parents who were in the hallway suddenly found themselves with a look of confusion on their faces.

A couple seniors have even jokingly mentioned dropping out due to their irritation towards the bells, as if senioritis isn’t enough.

The good news is that the tones can be changed, and in fact they were.  

After the second change to the bells the students have given up, though. The first ringtone was alright, but the second choice is worse.

The bell system keeps declining.

Many students have requested that we play a certain song every time class is dismissed.

The song would continue to play as students rush to their locker and back. The songs would be appropriate songs, of course.

I, as an irritable senior, think that the school should take a poll on what ringtone would sound the best.

It could be sort of like an American Idol, but for ringtones.  

We can only hope that the new bell system improves as the year goes on, for the sake of students.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
For whom the Bell Trolls