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Poorly Enforced MHSAA Rules

by Andrew Richar, Mirror Staff

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The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) monitors all the public sports in the state of Michigan.  They are the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) of high schools in Michigan.  Just like the NCAA, they have some questionable rules.

One strange rule of the MHSAA is not allowing student athletes to play in club sports during the school season.  Coldwater High School was affected by this rule during the 2015 boys soccer season.  

At the beginning of the season, some of the senior athletes played in a Labor Day tournament near Detroit.  The violation was not brought forward until right before districts.  This made it so the players had to serve a three game suspension, which started with the first district game.

This led to a very talented Coldwater team being upset in their first game against Charlotte, the same team they crushed 9-1 earlier in the season.

Although they did break a rule doing this, and by right deserved a punishment, this should not be a rule in the first place.  

There is no reason for a punishment to be handed out to someone for doing what could almost be considered more practice.  

This did not hurt the school in anyway, the team, nor did it hurt anyone else involved in the MHSAA.  

The players were not skipping any practice or school event because it was an off day.  Since it was on all of their own time, it should not matter what they do as far as school athletics go.  

The suspension rule is another one that needs to be adjusted.  

When a student athlete gets suspended from school, they have to serve a suspension for a certain number of games as well.  This includes students who aren’t in a sport at the current time.

If a player gets suspended in the fall, and doesn’t play a sport until spring, they serve the suspension in spring.  However, a player can pick up a sport in winter, which they might not even care for, so they can serve the suspension at the time.  

This is obviously a pretty big loophole in the system.  

Besides, the whole point of the suspension is to teach the student a lesson.  What lesson does it teach them if they don’t care about the sport they are being suspended for?

Both of these rules need to be adjusted so they follow the purpose of the MHSAA, within reason.  

Rather than focusing on keeping students from playing more sports, they should be focusing on the real issues, like people finding ways around serving meaningful suspensions.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Poorly Enforced MHSAA Rules