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Talking politics? Three people to avoid

by Trently Dubois, Mirror Staff

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We’re going to break the “no talking” rule on 1 of the 2 things you should never talk about in presence of company.

The topic of presidential candidates.


The “coup de grace” of the presidential campaign and the cherry on top of political debates.


Presidential candidate debates bring out the worst in people, and I’m not just talking about their personalities. Those people who will cross the threshold and speak about Presidential candidates can be summarized into different groups..


First off, are those who are deniers or scrubbers.  These are the people who bring the “nuh-uh” and “no way” to the party.


Deniers stem from the fear that their candidates do not fit the perfect squeaky image, but are in fact, normal people.


The use of facts and examples of previous contradictions are swept under the rugs, in order to protect the image of their candidates. Be wary of their facts and statistics that may be rubbed off any unwanted “dirt.”


If you spot someone that has a near flawless record of their candidate, don’t be afraid to ask for a source.


Acolytes are the people who just sort of follow the very steps of their savior, not God mind you, but rather their political candidates.


These people are the pacifists in the war on candidacy. Faced with facts, they simply ignore them for the ways of their keeper’s.

Only seen certain in their rallies they are harmless to you and are probably the most amicable, just don’t get them started.


Crusaders, or warriors, are the people who believe they are the ones who will bring the people up to presidency, through methods of volant, not dispute. They can find any reason as a flaw to which they crush the opposition and then become the champion of theirs.

Be cautious of their presence, especially online, as  it’s more a tedious and problematic thing to see, but simple to deal with.


In person however, dangerously they can began fights and cause a large push for property damages.   


How to pacify them requires a need of compromise and the ability to run the flying umbrellas cooing keks away.  


Naturally, you would only normally find these wild animals around the presidential election time.


This is only a small portion of the ecosystem so be careful, and always carry a bowie knife, just in case. Also a Bowie.


Always a Bowie in you.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Talking politics? Three people to avoid