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Same Crap Different Day

by Allie VanStone

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“Students are bored.” “Students are stressed.” “Students are tired.” “It shouldn’t be this way.”

So if this is what a large survey is saying about high school students, why isn’t anything being done about it?

We hear all about how students test scores are lower than ever. To fix it, teachers are sent to workshops to help improve test scores, but maybe they should be sent to workshops to learn how to make school more intriguing for students, and maybe someone could help them drop the monotone voice.

Every school has their favorite teacher whose class fills up weeks before the school year starts. The favorites are passionate about what they do and it shows by their fan club. The good teachers are the ones that want you to learn and understand, not just pass the test.

Education systems need to know the teachers they’re hiring, not just who they are outside of school on a Friday night at The Pub. Maybe they make a good friend, but what’s their attitude toward students? How do the teachers speak or treat the students?

I feel like some teachers chose the career because they like to talk and hold authority. They stand in front of a class and have an audience that is being forced to listen. Then, because they’re older and wiser and have been through college, some teachers tend to give off the impression that students are always wrong and they are always right… No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

It’s sad because there is no doubt in my mind that every school has a student that is much more intelligent than some teachers in the building, but they don’t get a chance to shine since teachers limit students on what can be talked about and when speaking is appropriate.

Did you know the average person loses interest after 4 seconds of looking/ listening to the same thing?

NO WONDER we’re so bored!

We’re put in a room in the same seats, with the same teachers and people surrounding us. Oh, and then we have to listen to them talk about how much they know and how little we know, and then occasionally yell at us about not understanding what the heck they’re teaching us.     

Rant over…

I’m just saying, it’s obviously an issue that students are so bored and stressed and filled with anxiety, so how about make an effort to better the education system?

Ask students occasionally how they like their teachers and how they’re liking the class, and if they constantly get bad reports about teachers, it might be time to fire them.
After all, we are the future of America.. The teachers? Well, they are the past America. So educate us and bring our happiness level to a solid 10, and things may eventually start to turn around.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Same Crap Different Day