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Is Cheating Getting Worse?


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There is undoubtedly more cheating going on now than in the past due to advances in technology and social media that makes it easier to share information.

Cheating is getting more and more common due to the pressure of maintaining a high GPA throughout high school in order to get into a good college.

Students often cheat because colleges and workplaces accept students with better grades. Therefore, students have been wired to strive more for good grades than actually going through the learning process. They are more worried about getting an A than in learning the material.

When students cheat in school to get better grades, it’s unfair to the students who actually did study and do the work.

In order for teachers and students to maintain a good relationship it is very vital for trust to be present.

Students who cheat are telling their teachers that they are not trustworthy and this can make getting through the school year a lot more difficult.

Whenever the student hands in something, the teacher might be suspicious of it and it can be very hard to win back the teacher’s trust.

Some students cheat because they claim that their classes are very hard and they will not be able to keep up with the pace. They think that if they do not cheat then their grades will be terrible.

This is a horrible way of thinking. School is not supposed to be easy. If students already know all the answers, then they would not actually be learning anything.

If students have tried their complete best and the material still seems harder than it is for others, then it’s time to talk to either a teacher, a parent, or a counselor. Maybe even consider getting a tutor.

Cheating to get good grades will just hide the problem and in the long run just make school more difficult.

Other students cheat because they believe that the subject in which they are cheating on is not important. They also believe that the things they teach have nothing to do with their lives.

This thinking  is completely wrong. There are only so many hours in a school day and school boards, teachers, and parents work hard to make sure that the subjects that get taught are the most important ones.

There may be classes that students may not like or that do not come easy to them, but this does not mean that the lessons are not important.  

Getting a complete and well-rounded education means learning all kinds of different things and students cannot learn if they cheat.

Cheating should be more frowned upon and students should receive harsher penalties. This is not something some want to hear, but if there were stricter penalties for cheating, students would actually focus on learning.

Then we all would be better educated.

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Is Cheating Getting Worse?