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When does removing a student from class go too far?

by Jessica Hayward, Mirror Staff

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In South Carolina recently, a student was forcibly removed from her classroom by a police officer. The student was asked by her teacher to leave the classroom and she refused. The teacher then called the officer, who came into the classroom and asked her to leave. When she still refused, the officer proceeded to forcibly remove her from her seat. The officer knocked over the student’s desk and dragged her several feet.

All of this occurred while someone in the class videotaped it, and then posted the video online.

This video has brought to light the question about how to handle student discipline, and how far is too far for schools to go to handle a poorly behaved student.

I think that in this case it wasn’t necessary to be that aggressive.

Was it necessary to forcibly remove the student from the classroom? When did it get to be just too much? The officer in the video took it too far when he dragged this student out of her desk and across the floor.

The reason that the school had an in school officer is to protect students. This situation was not protecting anyone and it actually harmed the students more than it helped them. Not just the girl who was attacked, but also the students who witnessed it or heard about it.

The students of this high school may feel unsafe now. This officer didn’t teach them anything except that school officials often take things too far, too fast. If he hadn’t basically beaten up this student it could have been a lot more civilized and wouldn’t have made such a great impact on the school.

This also affected the school in a negative way. This incident makes the school look bad and unsafe. If a parent, new to the town, were to look into the school they might see the incident and choose a different school. Some parents may even pull out their children who were already in that school because they might feel it is unsafe.

Parents expect schools to keep their children safe. When a parent sends their child to school, especially a school with officers there, it seems that the child will have ensured safety.

If the student who refused to leave the classroom was really that much of a disruption, it could have been handled in a different way. She could have had someone sit in the classroom with her if she refused to move or someone could have called a parent or guardian.

It was more of a disruption to physically remove the student than simply leaving the student sitting in her desk, refusing to leave the room.

What this officer did was violating student and child safety and it was a huge disruption to the class, school, and even the community.

There was no need to drag a student out of her desk just because she refused to leave the classroom. The situation was taken too far and was taken way out of proportion.

The officer should not be allowed to be placed in the school and should get a leave of some sort. The student should get an apology and before that happens again they should have officers who know how to properly handle students in a situation like this.

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When does removing a student from class go too far?