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Should It Really Take 3 months To Log on?

by Stephanie Halstead

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School is supposed to be full of responsible adults, right?

Well, how come for the first couple of months I couldn’t log on to a computer correctly?

It may not be as much as the teachers fault as mine, but I seriously could’ve had more help trying to get all of my computer stuff figured out.  Instead,I had to deal with going to the library for almost every week for 3 weeks while they tried and figured out what was going on with my account.

Mind you, for these three weeks I was missing out on every assignment that we had that had to deal with computers.

So while my account was on lock and I couldn’t do ANYTHING about it, I was losing points on all of my assignments.

I’m sure there were other students in the same boat as I was in.

The adults in our building should have handed this in a better way. It’s just not fair to a student who wants to achieve in their class, but can’t because no one is responsible enough to help out.

No one ever came to me, instead I always had to go to someone else.  It would have been more helpful if my teachers were more involved in my situation. I know that they have more than a few students, but at least they could help out in some way, instead of just sending me down to the library to change my password each time we used the computers because that was obviously not the problem.

Missing class to just try and fix it the situation compounded the problem.

While I’m out of class trying to solve something that is out of my hands, I was missing out on other things I needed to be doing in class.

How is a student supposed to be successful when a problem like this can’t be solved by the adults in the school.

Stressing over homework that can’t be made up on paper was just one of the millions of problems I was having.  Not knowing when I was able to log in or if I was going to be able to log in, was just a long wait that I was not willing to wait for.

But wait, shouldn’t I wait and be patient?   No, I lost my patience 3 weeks into the school year and still not being able to log in. I think that was enough time to be patient.

Just recently was the first time that I had passwords and everything fixed for me to do my assignments online and correctly.

This was almost 3 months into school, which is not cool and very irresponsible of the school for letting a student fall back so hard and so bad.

Not only was it unfair for me not to have the right grades, but it was also unfair that I couldn’t do anything about it.

The school should have better staff that is able and willing to help out their students when it comes to this kind of stuff or fire their technology department.  

Each class that you have to log into a computer in, the teacher of that class should make sure everyone is able to log in and not just say, “Oh well.”  Teacher might also be able to have the ability to change anything that they need.

No matter what they do, school officials  need to make the students a priority instead of leaving students to solve things by themselves..

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Should It Really Take 3 months To Log on?