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Pros of having divorced parents

by Katie Warner, Mirror staff

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Divorced parents can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on what either parents do after the divorce.

Everyone loves Christmas presents, and with divorced parents, you get two Christmases. Although you have to travel to either parents house after the other, Christmas is always fun.

Do you get annoyed easily by one parent? Well, if your parents live close to each other, you can go back and forth whenever you want to get away from either parent you don’t want to be around.

One of the reasons couples separate is that they may have different views on raising children. This means something that one parent won’t let you do, the other parent might. You can get away with many things with one, and have a strict schedule with the other.

Separated parents may also get remarried. Half the time, that is a very good thing because you now either have a new figure to look up to, or one you want  to never become. If you two get along, then you may even have a new best friend.

Step mothers to their step daughters are likely to form a great friendship because the step mom is supposed to be more like a friend than a mom if they want you to like them.

Remember when your parents used to argue all the time over everything? Not anymore! They have moved away from each other and now you will not have to hear them argue at home.

You may have to separate your wardrobe between the two houses, however both of your parents might buy you new clothes for their house.

“Mom, can I…”, ‘No.”

“Dad, can I… “, “Sure!”

Sometimes your parents have different ideas on fun and if you ask one and they say no, you can turn around and ask your other parent without conflict between either of them.. They are no longer a unified decision maker. You only really need one parent’s permission, right?

What happens when you are a teenager and you want to go to a concert, but your mom would rather sit in acid than let you go? You can ask your dad because he doesn’t have the opinion of your mother to think about.

Having divorced parents is weird sometimes, however there are great benefits of having an escape and being able to have separate relationships with both of your parents.


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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Pros of having divorced parents