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Think Twice About High School Sports

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Some people might think that it is necessary to be part of a sport in high school. They think that it makes them fit in or they just want to be part of something.

And why not, every TV show and movie in the world today glorifies high school athletes.  But this is a case where looks can be deceiving.

Many people don’t know how much work it takes to be a high school athlete.

In fact, sometimes school can be easier without doing a sport because you have a lot of time to do other things you want to do and you will have a lot of spare time.

If I only had to do school work when I get out of school, my grades would probably be a lot better than they are.

Sports make it hard to focus on school work, and focusing on school only will help you become a way better student.

An athletes grades can be really affected from the sport he participates in. Participating in a sport doesn’t have to mean you don’t have enough time to do your homework, but that is often the case.

Most athletes say they will do it after practice, but most of them are too exhausted to do it and end up getting bad grades.

Being an athlete in high school is time consuming.

Once you join a sport you have to be really committed and spend most of your time with the team and practicing to improve. Because everyone who does a sport wants to be good at it and wants to look good doing it.

Also, most athletes have people who have encouraged them and always cheer for them. so most athletes don’t want to let them down and they want to make the spectators really proud of them.

Being in a sport means you will have less time to hang out with your friends that are not doing the sport with, and you also don’t have enough time to spend with your family.

Most of the time you are at a practice or at a game and when you get home you have to do your homework and go to sleep.

Which will cause you to not spend a lot of time with family members.

Another big problem is injuries. There are lots of athletes who get injured while participating in a sport.

Some get injuries that last them a lifetime and some get them for some period of time. Injuries can be really bad, because some cause you to change your daily routine and you can be late to lots of things if you injure your leg.

If you injure your hand it can cause lots of problems for you and you can’t write with your hand and you won’t be able to do things you used to do for a while.

I don’t mean to be discouraging to those who might want to play sports in high school, it is just important to know what one is getting themselves in to.

It isn’t nearly as glamorous as it might seem.

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Think Twice About High School Sports