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Don’t waste your life on a screen

by Ella Gurgel, Editor

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We are in the century of technology.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, there is always a cellphone or a computer with us.

People spend hours and hours looking to a screen and don’t even notice how much time has passed.

There are good things like saving time and getting helpful information.

But are technologies a help or a hindrance?

Is it good for us to have our faces in a screen all the time?

Not necessarily.

First of, there are a lot of health problems associated with excessive computer use.

Excessive use of phones and tablets can cause musculoskeletal problems: caused by the poor posture promoted by the use of these technologies.

The bright light of the computer and stay in front of it for a long time without blinking can cause serious problems.

Staring at a screen for too long can also cause headaches.

Not too mention that spending too much time on a computer can lead to unwanted weight gain because it is usually done sitting down.

Computers and technology also causes people to feel stressed.

But technologies don’t just make us sick, one of the worst consequences of their use is that you stop socializing with people that are closest to you.

We all know that by the internet we can communicate with people that are in the other side of the world, but what about people  who are right by our sides?

People are so connected and focused on the internet, at the news, and friends that are away that they start to ignore their families and friends that are close.

Even worse, these technologies make it easy for people to be mean to one another.

Some kids are also using the technologies to bully others.

Bullying is something really serious that happens in and out the schools all around the world and the internet is helping to more people be bullied.

By the cyber bullying online is easier to the aggressor to get away than anywhere else and it gives to the victim the same or worse experience than personally.

So, we all know the good things that the technologies provide to us, but using in a bad way and excessively can make serious consequences in our and in other lives.

Cell Phones and computers users spend a lot of money on these items and some months after they are already broken or a new one was released,  so they have to buy another.

Even though, there are so many negatives, people nowadays have a desire for technologies.

And in the 21st century, cellphones are not a want or a luxury anymore, they are a need.

So while it may not be realistic to get rid of all technologies, it is important to use them  wisely and not spend hours on the internet.

Go enjoy your friends, family and have new experiences because life we just have one and no one wants to spend all of it in front a screen.


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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Don’t waste your life on a screen