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I Guess I Have A Lot of Hair

by Haley Reincke

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People are always talking about how much hair I have.

Yes. I will admit I love my hair a lot, but it gets kind of irritating when people say the same thing over again.

“Oh my gosh your hair is so long!!” or “There’s so much of it!”

I know I have a lot of hair and that it’s long that’s why I grew it out the length it is.

Some people tell me, “it’s too long”.

When I was younger I used to hate when people touched my because they would just pulled as hard as they possibly could.

Now a days though, I beg people to play with my hair as long as they don’t pull on it.

Not even kidding, my hair gives me massive headaches at points.

I wouldn’t change the length of my hair to much when it comes time to me wanting a haircut.

Also for as much as I straighten and use hot irons on it, it’s still super healthy and soft!

Another reason I think my hair is as healthy as it is, is because I’ve gone to the same hair dresser since the first time I ever got my haircut in the 3rd grade.

The very first time I got it cut I had 16 inches chopped off and donated to Locks of Love Foundation.

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I Guess I Have A Lot of Hair