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Just When Life Gets Good.

by Jacqueline Marshall, Mirror Staff

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Life can take so many twist and turns. Like ma, I come from a rough background.

Homelessness, adoption, moving, heck I was kidnapped when I was eight.

But I never let go of the hope that I may be able to turn my life around.

After failing classes, I am barely getting enough credits to graduate.

So of course, I focus everything I have into school.

Being seventeen and living on my own, having two jobs, and going to full time school.

Things get a little difficult.

I finally am able to manage my time. While maintaining a healthy relationship.

Everything is going well.

For the first time in my life, I have stability.

That all changed last week.

Last week I was at my boyfriends house, Walking Dead night, ya know, and on my way down the stairs I feel myself fall backwards. I wake up on the floor with everyone surrounding me.

I didn’t think nothing of it other then, I just blacked out.

The next day I am doing my hair in the mirror, and all of a sudden, woke up on the floor. I didn’t feel myself fall, nothing. So that scared me.

I was taken to the hospital where I black out once again. After many test, they discover that I have a possible severe heart condition. Which means I am to be taken out off work. Both jobs.

With no income, that makes it very hard to keep things running smoothly.

Missing so much school is making my grades drop dramatically. Making it really hard to stay floating.

Being sick has made things difficult.

I sit and think, just when my life was turning around.

Things get tough. But I can do it.

I’m trying, and that is more than most people can say.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Just When Life Gets Good.