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Snowball’s Around the Corner!

by Haley Reincke

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Snowball is in 2 days and I’m way to excited!

You get to get all dressy, and pretty, with your hair and nails all done, and the shoes!

You normally wouldn’t hear this type of things coming from me, but high school has definitely made me into a girl.

Sadly though, this is the last snowball dance I will ever attend.

Every year I look forward to all the dances, but this year I’m overly exaggerating my excitement, but not in a sarcastic manner.

Advice to all the underclassmen though, don’t be those awkward or overly attached people at the dance.

You will be judged by many.

If you’re attending any dances, don’t come if you’re just going to sit in a chair the entire time. It just makes you look like a boring person.

Have a little wild side, go crazy at times, get into the dances and groups so it’s not as “weird” for you or others!

If you don’t have a date, don’t go running around to other couples that are dancing and interrupt and just sit there and talk to them.

That honestly is one of the most irritating things ever at dances.

Don’t be that kid.

When you’re at a dance just remember to have fun, stay in a group, if you’re dateless fine another dateless person. Everyone will be dancing so don’t feel awkward. If you don’t think you can dance, well I suggest you do it anyways because most of the people there aren’t the best either.

Mainly the underclassmen though.

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Journalism: Coldwater High School
Snowball’s Around the Corner!