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So is it Winter… Or Nah?

by Kennedy Kiersey, Mirror Staff

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This time last week, students were sitting in their classes watching a blizzard outside.

What are we doing today?

Watching it rain.

Really Michigan?

This change in weather messes with my immune system.

Going from super cold to not even cold anymore cannot possibly be healthy for anyone.

From what I hear though, this winter is supposed to be worse than what it was last year.

I am going to die.

I already can’t stand the cold that we had last week.

How am I supposed to deal with twenty below weather?

On the bright side though, cold weather leads to snow days.

The best part, is that I’m being a senior, I don’t have to make up those days cutting into my summer.

Really though.

Michigan’s bipolar weather is really annoying.

If it could snow and not be cold, that would be perfect weather.

It doesn’t help that the door and the student parking lot are so far away from each other.

I can walk into school and I’m shivering when I get into the door.

Walking into the school is the worse.

The second worse is when the classrooms are freezing and you were expecting it to be warm inside because it’s cold outside and you’re wearing a short sleeved shirt shivering.

I think it’s time for me to move to Florida, at least it won’t snow as much as it does here.

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So is it Winter… Or Nah?