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Caution: Watch Your Step

by Kennedy Kiersey, Mirror Staff

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What’s worse than working 8 hours on Halloween night?

Having to work 8 hours with a numb face.

I got to experience this first hand.

Last Friday, I walked into Wendy’s in sleeting weather conditions.

Everything was going great.

Until I got to the door.

Here’s what happened.

There was a part on the curb that was painted over the Summer with a glossy yellow paint.

Well, when wet, that paint gets slippery.

No one bothered to tell me though.

So here I am, walking into work when I slip on that and fall.

No big deal right?


Not only did I fall, but I also managed to smash my face on the railing walking in.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I happened to make eye contact with a customer in the dining room both on the way down and when I came up.

I walked into work crying and holding my face, and he didn’t say anything or ask if I was okay.

Really dude?

What if I would have become unconscious on the fall?

Would you still leave me laying there?

Probably not.

My crying only lasted about two hours max.

But I was also wearing a Wendy costume and who could be upset dressed as the mascot of your workplace?

Here we are, three days after the effect though and my face is still really sore.

Luckily for me, my face didn’t swell or bruise at all which is highly rare for a ginger.

From this experience, I have learned that I have to “watch my step” every time I walk into Wendy’s so that this doesn’t happen again.

I hope to make people aware when walking into the restaurant so that they don’t have to experience the pain that I did and still am.

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Caution: Watch Your Step