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5 Older Games You Should Consider Playing

by Ben Vincent

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All gamers always look forward to new games coming out. Most of them look forward to the new Call of Duty every year. Some people won’t play a game if it doesn’t have the greatest graphics. Sadly, this is applied to older games. If you’re not one of those people, you should take a look at these older games that were pretty popular in their day. These are in no particular order.

1. Banjo Kazooie- This game was originally released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 by Rare. The game features a bear named Banjo and his best friend Kazooie the bird.

The game begins when the evil witch Gruntilda captures Banjo’s sister Tooty because of her beauty. With the help of Bottles the Mole, Banjo and Kazooie learn new moves and journey into Gruntilda’s lair to explore 9 different levels.

During the game, the player ventures into these levels to collect golden puzzle pieces called “Jiggies”. The Jiggies are used to solve puzzles which unlock other levels and the player progresses.

The player must also collect music notes. The notes are used to unlock doors to open up more of Gruntilda’s Lair.

If you don’t have a Nintendo 64, you don’t need to worry. The rights for Banjo Kazooie were bought by Microsoft and the game was released on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. It costs 1200 Microsoft Points.

You can also get the sequels Banjo Tooie and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for the Xbox 360. Both of which are priced at 1200 Microsoft points or $15.00.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- This game was also released in 1998. It was published by Nintendo and released on the Nintendo 64.

This game features Link, a small boy who later realizes it is his destiny to save the kingdom of Hyrule. After meeting Zelda, he faces several trials to obtain the Master Sword and mythical Ocarina of Time.

Using both, he is able to travel 7 years into the future where he faces even more trials. Link can return to the past at any time. It is up to Link and Zelda to defeat the evil king Ganondorf and save Hyrule.

This has been considered to be one of the greatest Zelda titles in history according to several video game critics like IGN. Because of this, the game has been remade several times.

Of course there was the original release in 1998 for the Nintendo 64. It was also released in 2003 as part of a GameCube bundle promo, including a GameCube, a copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and a GameCube version of Ocarina of Time.

Nintendo also released a collector’s edition for the GameCube containing 4 games in 2003. One of them included Ocarina of Time. Ocarina of Time was also released as an addition to the Wii’s Virtual Console service in 2007.

Recently, Nintendo remastered the graphics and applied a 3D aspect to the game when they released “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” for the 3DS in 2011.

Because it was only sold for a limited time, the GameCube bundle is near impossible to find. If you do find one, however, it will be rather pricey.

The collector’s edition can be found on almost any shopping website. The Virtual Console version costs 1000 Nintendo Points or $10.00, and the 3DS version costs around $40.

3. Super Smash Bros.- This game was released in 1999 by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. This game received mostly positive reviews because of the simplistic gameplay.

Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game featuring Nintendo All-Stars such as Mario, Link, and Kirby. The gameplay is very different compared to other fighting games.

Unlike other fighting games like Street Fighter where you have to memorize button combinations (each character having their own unique combinations) Super Smash Bros. has the same controls for every character.

Each character has four special moves that differ between each character. However, the controls to utilize the moves are the same for every character, pushing the B button and moving the control stick in a certain direction.

Super Smash Bros. can also be found on the Wii’s Virtual Console service for 1000 Nintendo points or $10.00. It also had two sequels: Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2001 for the GameCube, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl in 2008 for the Wii.

4. Crash Bandicoot- This game was released in 1996 by Sony for the Playstation. It became one of the best selling Playstation games of all time.

This game features Crash, a bandicoot evolved to have human qualities by the evil mad scientist Doctor Neo Cortex. Crash was supposed to lead Doctor Cortex’s evil army of mutant animals to take over the world. Crash refuses and is chased out by the doctor.

Cortex then starts to experiment on a female bandicoot named Tawna. Crash then journeys out to save Tawna and the world from Doctor Cortex and his henchman Doctor Nitrus Brio.

The game appeared in “Sony Greatest Hits” line-up in 1997, as well as the “Best for Family” lineup in 1998.

You can find this game available for download on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable via the Playstation Network; It costs $5.99. You can also get Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 on PSN as well. Both cost $5.99 as well.

5.  Super Mario 64- this game was released in 1996 by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. This game was a launch title for the Nintendo 64, along with Pilotwings 64.

This game was considered revolutionary because it introduced 3D-platforming, rather than the traditional 2D side scrolling gameplay of earlier Mario titles. It also set standards of  the platforming genre that most modern platformers follow. A great example is the dynamic use of a camera system.

The game features one of Nintendo’s most famous characters, Mario. Mario is invited to Princess Peach’s castle, but when he arrives he discovers that she has once again been kidnapped by Bowser.

Mario must now explore the castle and jump through magical paintings that transport him to different worlds. Mario must then collect Power Stars in these worlds in order to advance throughout the game.

The game was remade in 2004 for the Nintendo DS entitled “Super Mario 64 DS.” It is also available on Virtual Console for 1000 Nintendo points.

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5 Older Games You Should Consider Playing