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Top 3 Best And Worst Pokemon Mega Evolutions For Multiple Reasons

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Best/Worst Looking


  1. Mega Salamence

Dearest Salamence, what were you thinking? The problem with you, is that I don’t actually DISLIKE your design. Not for your body, anyway. To be blunt, your wings are horrible. You are supposed to be a fearsome dragon of ultimate destruction, not a recreational hang glider. How is this even remotely practical anyways? You can’t actually take off when your wings are stuck together. Unless you use your tail as a propeller, I suppose…

  1. Mega Aerodactyl

Ugh. Aerodactyl, buddy, more spikes, simply put, does not equal more awesome. You can’t just stick a couple of pointed stones in yourself and call it “cool”. Of course, I suppose he could’ve just crashed into a conveniently frail mountain. That would explain the moss now growing in his iris…

  1. Mega Latias/Latios

I suppose you can say that Aerodactyl is my least favorite design. However, Mega Latios and Latias are my least favorite designS. They are the exact same. They aren’t even that cool. Certainly not enough to allow twice as many of them. *sigh*. I need to look at something REALLY elegant to fix this…


  1.  Mega Absol

THAT’S more like it. This is essentially what happens when you combine a ying-yang death dog with an angel. It doesn’t look very intimidating, but it may just make you surrender out of jealousy. Of it’s amazing analogy, that is.

  1. Mega Abomasnow

I’ve seen a considerate amount of people hating this design choice, and I can understand why. Abominable Snowman  transforms into, furry Abominable Snowman! I love it anyways though. It looks so intimidating, yet soft enough to hug. It’s really COOL.


  1. Mega Beedrill

Well, it’s not exactly CUTE, but it does look quite awesome. I suppose it’s supposed to be a hornet, but it doesn’t look like something I’d want to spray with pesticide. No, it looks like something I’d report to the police. But at least I’d get one last look at PURE AWESOMENESS before I get impaled. Can’t win em all kids.

Best/Worst In Battle


  1. Mega Banette

Now I WAS going to put this sorry excuse for a mega at number 2, buuuutttt a colleague informed me he believed this guy to be pretty good. I figured, 1 dislike, 1 like, evens out, resulting in a resounding meh. Sure, its attack soars to a ridiculous 160, and its speed goes from laughable to negligible, but EVERY DEFENSIVE STAT GOES DOWN. So essentially, what we have is a cannon made of glass. Fueled with maple syrup. If it takes one hit, it’s almost guaranteed to go down. It’s so slow, that any decent offensive Pokemon will hit first. The thing with this one, is yes, it can be used. But why would you, when SO MANY other Pokemon can do the same thing, but better? Save your Mega for something worthwhile.

  1. Mega Abomasnow

Looks aren’t everything, ladies and gents. Introducing Mega Abomasnow, the pinnacle of disappointments. Yes, it does get more bulk to be able to survive more attacks, BUT, that doesn’t matter if the opponent has a fire, steel, fighting, poison, rock, bug, or flying type. One STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) move from them, and he’s goin down. Couple that with mediocre offensive stats, a horrendous base 30 speed, and a shallow movepool, and you’ve got a loser. Sorry Snowy.

  1. Mega Manectric

Honestly, I hate Mega Audino. I really do. It was going to be here. It really was. But then I saw that it was perfect for double battles. I was at a loss. I didn’t know what to put here. But then I found this trainwreck. A perfect example of why being a jack of all trades is bad. Sure, you wouldn’t think so by looking at it, but this is the worst Mega. Allow me to explain. Mega Manectric gains points in all it’s stats. Good, right? Well, it’s too frail to take many hits, doesn’t hit hard enough to prevent said hits, it’s typing is pretty good, but is still weak to easily the most common and powerful move there is, and while it’s speed is exceptional, it lacks the flexibility of an expansive movepool, allowing it to get walled by essentially everything worthwhile. Ladies and gents, the worst Mega in battle.


Before we begin, I would just like to ban a couple of Megas. Mega Mewtwo is ridiculously, stupidly powerful, and is a no brainer. I don’t want to just default to it. Mega Rayquaza, is broken. It is so overpowered, it has been banned from a league specifically designed for overpowered Pokemon. For being overpowered.

On with the list!

  1. Mega Gallade

In my opinion, Mega Gallade seems rather underappreciated. I mean, it’s not like it was a bad Pokemon before, but now… Wow. It’s attack stat increases from the already amazing 125, to a titanic 165! It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s speed increases to an impressive 110, allowing it to outspeed even some of the fastest sweepers out there. Not to mention it’s already admirable special defence, great typing (which leaves it with only 3 weaknesses), and the fact that we can ignore it’s rather shallow movepool!

  1. Mega Alakazam

Alakazam is the prime example of a glass cannon done right. It outspeeds almost everything, and it is able to shoot off attacks strong enough to take out almost everything in one hit. And then it Mega Evolves. It’s special attack goes from a ridiculous 135, to a godly 175. It becomes a member of the top 5 fastest Pokemon ever with 150 speed. Including a wide movepool and a lot of spoons, if it weren’t for priority moves, this one would be unbeatable. But, only second place? What kind of overpowered monster is at number 1?

  1. Mega Kangaskhan

This one. This one is so powerful, it has been banned from all online battles. This one is so powerful, it has been labeled “Broken”. This one is so powerful, Nintendo has officially apologized for how powerful it is. This is a jack of all trades done right. Not only does it have enough bulk to survive a considerable amount of hits, it also has it’s attack boosted to a excelent 125. But it’s true power comes from it’s top-notch ability, Parental Bond. This ability allows this powerful monster to attack twice a turn (albeit at 50% power). To expand on that, most engagements in a battle last about 2 turns on average. Not only that, but it has an amazing movepool, ranging from moves that are guaranteed to hit first, to moves that boost your total power each time they are used. Combimbine that with a typing that leaves it with only 1 weakness, an immunity, and it’s decent bulk, nothing short of a small meteor with take this beast down. Of course, it would probably destroy the meteor first…

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Top 3 Best And Worst Pokemon Mega Evolutions For Multiple Reasons