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Tired, Stressed, and Bored

by Jaiden Wooster, Arts and Entertainment

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How many of your classmates fall asleep in class? How many of them complain about how boring or stressful school is? I know I do all three.


When kids are stressed out, tired, and bored, they are less likely to learn something because they aren’t paying attention. It’s not fair to expect students to pay attention and do well when they can’t focus in class to begin with.


Being tired, stressed, and bored can cause students not to be able to pay attention, and have an affect on their memories, decision making, school performances, and social lives.


In USA Today, Mark Brackett, a researcher in the Yale University Department of Psychology and director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, says; “It’s hard to concentrate and it’s hard to do well in school if your brain is constantly having to respond to stress.”


This just goes to say that schools are doing something wrong and not the students. Brackett also says; “I think they point to the fact that we need to be attending to the feelings of our nation’s youth,” he said.


“Unless what they’re learning is engaging and interesting, they’re going to be bored — the boredom is related to the quality of instruction.”


Schools need to work together and with the students to figure out what would help students be happier in school. If students are happier and more focused on their education, then we will have higher graduation rates and schools will be more appreciated. Kids won’t feel as if they are there for nothing.


A few ways we may be able to do this is to have enjoyable music on in all classes. It is a proven fact that students do better when music is playing.


Secondly, teachers should consider less homework. Nowadays, students are working before and after school and most of them don’t have a choice. Having homework on top of a job is not easy and students are forced to pick which is more important to them. Most of the time the job is picked before school because of the fact that they need the money to help pay for things.


“Eight of the top 10 responses were negative.’”Tired”’ was most often invoked — 39% of students wrote that.’”Stressed”’ came in second, at 29%. ‘”Bored”’ was third, at 26%.” Brackett explains from the research he collected. This leaves 6% for feelings like excitement and happiness. That is not good or healthy. Is it really a wonder why students today are not doing so well.


I hear teachers say all the time that we as students are slacking compared to those who graduated before us, but this is a new generation and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t fix the problem now. These are harder times and that means us students have more to do and more thrust upon us. Are we really expected to make the best out of a situation we have no control of?


Schools are the ones slacking. They aren’t keeping up with how the new generations are and, therefore, we suffer as students. It is not the students fault that schools are doing nothing to make us want to come to school everyday. Schools don’t work with us and our lifestyles, why should we be happy and focused?


Brackett says; “It’s a shame that much of our nation’s education system is not focused on helping kids figure out their own goals, but rather (on) a standardized curriculum,”
We are still kids who need encouragement. If school is as boring, tiring, and stressful for students now as work is for most adults, isn’t there something wrong with that? Aren’t these supposed to be our easy years? I think the system needs to review how they teach the students of today.

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Tired, Stressed, and Bored