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April Movies

by Dylan Justice, Writer

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Here’s a list of all the movies that will be released in theaters during the month of April. Some movies may have limited releases so it may not end up at your local theater.




Evil Dead- A group of five friends travel to a remote cabin where they discover the book of the dead and accidentally summon demons in the nearby woods. One by one the evil possess them and has them fighting for their lives.


Trance- An art auctioneer teams up with a hypnotherapist after getting mixed up with a group of criminals and losses a painting.


The Company You Keep- After his identity is discovered by a journalist, a former Weather Underground activist goes on the run.


Jurassic Park 3D- The 3D re-release of a classic film where a theme park full of cloned dinosaurs has a major breakdown and allows them to run amok.


The Brass Teapot- When a couple discovers a teapot that gives them money whenever they hurt themselves they must figure out just how far they are willing to go.


6 Souls- A patient of a female forensic psychiatrist is discovered to have multiple personalities that are all the personalities of murder victims.




Oblivion- A veteran is sent to extract the remaining of Earth’s resources and begins to question how much he knows about the mission and himself.


42- The story of Jackie Robinson’s life and how he famously became a part of the Brooklyn Dodgers.


Scary Movie 5- After bringing their newborn son home from the hospital a couple begins to experience some unusual activity. They soon learn they are being stalked by a demon using the help of home-surveillance and a team of experts.




The Lords of Salem- A radio DJ named Heidi is sent a box containing a record. The sounds within the groves triggers flashbacks of the violent past of her town. Heidi could either be going mad or the Lords could be back to take revenge on Salem, Massachusetts.



Pain and Gain- A trio of bodybuilders get caught up in a kidnapping scheme and an extortion ring that both go terribly wrong.

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April Movies